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Having given up a successful career as an Elevator Sales Manager, Helena started this venture in March 2020.  Thanks to the encouragement of Jon Reynolds - Helena's husband, her mother Marcjanna Wróblewska, friends and many wonderful Border Terrier enthusiasts.  She is now able to utilise a neglected skill she inherited from a Grandfather she was never fortunate enough to meet; Zygmunt Marian Wróblewski.

Inspired by her own two Border Terriers, Woody and Rudi, she initially painted 4 greeting card designs to test the market.  Now she has an ever expanding exclusive selection of home printed greeting card designs for sale.  Each can be personalised to suit any special occasion including but not limited to Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Condolences, Thank You, Moving House, Get Well cards and translating printed greetings into many different languages such as German and French.  She also offers various products for sale, utilising existing designs, including framed reprints, ceramic mugs and notebooks.   

Due to much interest in her whimsical work and demand, Helena also designs and paints commissions based on people's hobbies, interests, pets, cars, motorbikes, vehicles and more. Engaging with her customers to gain as much information and photos to ensure the composition in mind suits the recipient.  As a result, paying great attention to detail has been noted by many of her customers.  Being a petrol head and having a passion for the great outdoors also fuel her creative style.

Primarily Helena's unique designs have been created using watercolour and ink.  Greeting cards are printed on quality embossed card and gifts for sale are professionally printed using imagery of her existing artwork.

Should you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to enquire.


Helena would also be delighted to quote for and discuss any commissions.

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