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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Commissions - How much notice do you need to paint a commission?
    For an A4 sized watercolour and ink piece of artwork, approximately 3 weeks (dependant on work load). For an A3 sized watercolour and ink piece of artwork, approximately 4 weeks (dependant on work load).
  • Commissions - Do you paint other animals and/or scenes?
    Absolutely yes! I love creating a whimsical scene for all to enjoy. Variety is the spice of life.
  • Commissions - How long does it take to paint a commission?
    I would suggest approximately 2-3 full days for an A4 piece and 5-6 full days for an A3 piece. There is generally plenty of detail in my artwork, which all takes time. I sketch first in pencil. Once happy with the composition, I ink the outline. I then use watercolour pencils to add colour to the artwork and then with a paint brush and water, bring out all the wonderous colours. Time taken however does not include the research I carry out on the subject and the landscape, collecting photographs and composing the scene. Nor does it include framing the finished artwork.
  • Commissions - How much do you charge for a personal commission?
    Dependant on workload and the complexity of the artwork. I would suggest between £120-£300.
  • Commissions - How do I pay for a personal commission?
    Either by PayPal or bank transfer. I would privately discuss with you payment arrangements. Generally, payment is not expected until the artwork is completed. A photograph would be sent to the recipiant and providing the recipiant is happy, payment would be due prior to posting.
  • Greeting Cards - Can you interchange designs?
    Yes! Example: If you see a birthday card design which you would like printed as a thank you card, this can be done no trouble.
  • Greeting Cards - Are you able to translate wording to a different language?
    Yes of course. Message on the front of the card and inside to be agreed with the customer.
  • Products - Do you accept returns?
    Yes, of course. Let me know the problem with the product, photograph evidence of any damage.
  • Products - Do you provide refunds?
    Yes! Providing there is a valid and agreed reason for the refund, i.e., photographic evidence of breakages and/or returns.
  • General - Do you accept international orders?
    Yes, no problem. The price will be quoted in Pound Sterling and additional costs for postage will be highlighted to the customer.
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