Having published a few greeting card designs, it did not take long for individuals to request bespoke commissions.  Armed with a sense of humour, an eye for detail and a flair for watercolour and ink, Helena's compositions and artwork evolved.

Each have been based on the recipients hobbies, interests, special events, cars, motorbikes, vehicles, careers, pets, cats, dogs, even a tortoise!  Sketched first with the main subjects and background to suit.  The design is then made permanent with ink.  Colour is applied using watercolour pencils and a paint brush, allowing Helena to achieve such fabulous colourful detail.

Commissions are generally based on photographs provided by the customer, though Helena is known to conduct her own research particularly when challenged with painting specific vehicles and/or scenes.  For further details, please contact Helena.

Recently, Helena has added another string to her bow, fine art commissions using acrylic paints on natural slate.  Prices start at £50.  Also, memorial stones - Prices varies.

Go on, treat yourself, family or friends, these make such excellent gifts.......

For the watercolour and ink illustrations, prices range from £120 to £300 dependant on size and complexity.  Below are a few examples of these delightful paintings:

Completed Artwork 5Jul22.jpg
Framed Artwork.jpg
Framed with card.jpg
Final Artwork Scanned and adjusted.jpg
Finished artwork 060622_edited.jpg
JACK #1_edited.png
PIPPA #2_edited.png
Finished artwork.jpg
Finished artwork edited Rev2.jpg
Completed Artwork Cropped + Colours Adju
Framed Artwork.png
Artwork Scanned and cropped.jpg
Welsh Cottage Beer Garden.jpg
Mum's Artwork Framed Adj_edited.jpg
Note on back of Artwork.jpg
Inspired by Colin’s love for golf, swimming and career as an Optician.  Both Colin and Fudgey found themselves being ‘Spec’tated by a few locals!
Completed Artwork framed Adj.jpg
Final Framed Artwork.jfif
Note on back.jfif
021 Artwork Received Safely_edited_edited.jpg
020 On the back of the artwork Adj.jpg
Final Artwork Cropped.png
Note on back.JPG
Sprint Framed & Card_edited.jpg
Cards Rev2.jpg
IMG_9262 (003)_edited.jpg
Painted Memorial Stones
Finished Artwork 14June2022.jpg
Welsh themed Wedding Gift
Framed artwork.jpg
Salmon fishing Border Terrier.jpg

< Blank Notelets  produced using Artwork image.

Sticker Photo.jpg
Framed Artwork of Maisie 27Jun22_edited.jpg
Finished Artwork_edited.png
Main Clare Rusbridge_edited.png
Framed Artwork_edited.jpg
Inspired by Sticker_edited.jpg
Varnished Artwork 2Aug2022_edited.jpg
Finished Artwork 6Sept22_edited.jpg
Finished Cheeko 5Aug2022_edited.jpg
Varnished Artwork2 18Aug22_edited.jpg

This commission was created and painted for a small business in Dolwyddelan; Namthip Thai Meals.  Namthip asked for a golden Buddha and a Thai flag.  The dragon, fire birds, flowers etc., were a bonus.  Painted using mostly metallic acrylics on a beautiful and extremely heavy piece of natural slate provided by the customer.  The Thai artwork was finally spray lacquered many times to protect it from the elements.

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