Helena Zofia Wróblewska

Professional Artist

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Whimsical Illustrator working in either Watercolour and Ink or Acrylic paints.


Products and Services to offer include:

  • Greeting Cards - Hand printed to order (bespoke, personalised, standard designs and alternative languages available).

  • Gifts & Gift Wrap - Border Terrier Ceramic Mugs / Cups, Notebooks, Tote Bags and Framed Reprints of existing designs.

  • Whimsical Illustrative Commissions - Bespoke originals in watercolour and ink.  Personal compositions often based on hobbies, dogs, cats, pets, animals, interests, holidays, home, cars, motorbikes, various other vehicles, businesses, careers, workplace and more.

  • Fine Art - Commissions hand painted in acrylics on natural slate, wood or canvas.  Pet portraits and other compositions.

  • Hand Painted Welsh souvenirs.

  • Christmas Decorations - Festive slate hearts painted in acrylics.

  • Border Terrier in Lego - Kit consisting of genuine Lego parts.

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My latest commission: The Little Grey Fergie
After WWII, Mr Zilli and his wife, together with their son Jacko moved back to England, where he had previously been a POW.  Mr Zilli came to live and work on a farm in Lingfield where Jacko had his own adventures and learnt to drive a little grey Fergie tractor.  As you can see Nico, the King Charles Spaniel is quite taken by this beastie, driving it like a pro’.

New Birthday Greeting Card Designs, Products and Paintings.....  

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